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A Perfect Business for Anyone Interested in Pursing their Dream for Time, Freedom, & Purpose.

Starting a business of your own is an effective way to take control of your time, balance your life, and make more money than you can in the traditional workforce. Due to the availability of high-speed internet, the desire of people to balance their lives better, and the demand for contract and remote workers today, starting a Virtual Assistant (VA) business can be the answer.

For someone with the right skills or someone willing to learn new skills, starting a service-based business is a great career pivot. If you choose the right niche based on your skills, temperament, and personality as well as the lifestyle that you want you can essentially write your own ticket by becoming a Virtual Assistant. It is a real career, one that you can be involved with for the long-term profitably and successfully.

Today over 1.8 billion clients are using VA services of some sort ( With an audience like that, it’s proof that if you choose the right niche to be involved in you can truly make a VA business into a full-time living and a quite profitable business.

Of course, with the demand for VAs, more people are projected to become virtual assistants as more people choose to become entrepreneurs and/or freelancers. Starting a business as a service provider has a low barrier to entry so anyone with a skill, a good internet connection, and a computer can get started in their new business overnight.

All this means is that there are a lot of opportunities, but to take advantage of them today you’ll need a niche to differentiate your VA business. You’ll also need to run your business lean and mean so that you can adapt easily to increasing global and national demand and rapidly changing technology. To accomplish this, you’ll need to become proficient at helping your clients modernize their processes to get more done with less.

Our Online Interactive Learning Lab will show you how to do this. When you sign up you’ll get a great deal of information, checklists, ongoing support, resources, coaching, and assistance on landing your first job. You will get all this and more for $1997.

The early bird sign-up rate for the first 15-20 persons is $1597. Our Special Rate ends April 22, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. EST.

The Learning Lab is a webinar series and starts May 4, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. EST.

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