About Us

Committed to Help Businesses

Our Core Values: Commitment

  • We Collaborate to develop creative and innovative solutions
  • We are champions of a healthy Organizational culture
  • We believe a Motivated enthusiastic workforce is a resilient workforce
  • We manage every project in a thorough and Meticulous way
  • Integrity and ethics are critical leadership and business qualities
  • We believe in honest and Transparent communication with our clients
  • We meet the Maximum needs of our clients with excellent service
  • We are unwilling to compromise Exceptional performance
  • Nurturing professional and personal development is our passion
  • We believe diverse and inclusive Teams produce superior results

Meet the Team

Get To Know Our Exceptional Team at XcelMil Coaching and Consulting

Melody Gratic


Janette Micale

Executive Assistant and Social Media Lead

Kaitlyn Unger

Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager

Our Mission

We provide exceptional, value-based, and relevant services to our Customers and Partners

Our Vision

We are committed to offering professional development solutions to meet your organization’s objectives.

Why We Do It

Our inspiration is grounded in a passion to educate, motivate and be a catalyst for change in large, medium or small organizations. A key principle for improving as organization’s culture begins with transformed professionals. It is not a “one-size-fits-all” industry methodology. We believe the organization’s bottom line is not diminished in any way by implementing unconventional yet proven strategies.

We believe enduring and sustainable change begins with a multifaceted approach. That is why we offer a suite of services: administrative management support, executive coaching, professional training and development, and customized learning solutions.

At XcelMil, LLC we promote a workplace that engenders respect and honor for all persons.

We are servant leaders.

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