BizLibrary Catalog

Every course, seminar, webinar, and specialty school currently being offered by the XcelMil, LLC can be found on this website. Click here  to see 2021’s course catalog, where you’ll also find the course title, description, duration, course code and release date.  

If you prefer to download and print the XcelMil course library, please use the following XLSX version:

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If you need an expanded version of the course catalog, please call 703-957-9631 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. XcelMil, LLC is a training provider established to meet your training needs, e.g., high-demand certificates, continuing education credits, and professional development.

Course Topics


Business Skills

Information Technology

HR Compliance

Leadership and Management

Workplace Safety

Sales and Service

Industry Specific

Admin Training

Curated Learning Pathways


Administrative Support

Business Essentials

Business Ethics

Business Writing

Career Development



Communication: Level 1

Communication: Level 2

Communication: Level 3

Conflict Management

Critical thinking

Customer Service

Customer Service: Level 1

Customer Service: Level 2

Customer Service: Level 3


CyberSecurity for Employees

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving


Digital Literacy

Diversity & Inclusion

Emotional Intelligence

Engagement and Motivation


HR Manager

Health and Wellbeing


Innovative Technology

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Quick Tips

Leadership and Management: Level 1

Leadership and Management: Level 2

Leadership and Management: Level 3

Leading Change

Leading Teams

Managing Diversity

Managing Remotely


Navigating Change


Organizational Agility

People-Focused Leaders

Performance Management: Level 1

Performance Management: Level 2

Performance Management: Level 3

Personal Productivity

Preparing for Management

Preparing for an Interview

Presentation Skills



Retail Essentials

Sales & Marketing

Social Media and Work


Strategic Thinking

Time Management

Working Remotely