Why XcelMil?

Coaching & Training

At XcelMil we focus on improving morale for senior executives, middle managers, and entry-level employees. We help foster an environment where individual and group mindfulness is the norm, not the exception. Leader and team development are top-of-mind where we provide assessments and twenty-first-century training to produce leaders that are results-oriented, proactive, and engaged. As a result, organizational goals are achieved with better production, better retention, and better results.

We start by doing the research and the discovery needed to understand your challenges and needs. Leveraging our wealth of management experience across many sectors, we work with you to create viable and long-term solutions for overcoming pain points and establishing SMART goals.

Administrative Services

Administrative assistants and office managers play an important role in your business: they are brand ambassadors. They interact with customers, clients, external stakeholders, and vendors, etc. Whether they are filling a role as an executive assistant or simply transcribing sensitive documents, we want to instill confidence in your team, business, or organization that you selected the right candidate. That is why, we place a premium on security awareness training and compliance training in order to mitigate risks and protect your company data, proprietary information, and confidential information.