Our Services

Executive Coaching

Our services are built upon the premise of focusing on the unique professional and personal development needs of all clients. Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions and group coaching sessions, individuals are guided through a self-awareness process that allows them to capitalize on their strengths and identify their blind spots. The process is designed to help senior level leaders and teams understand how their development efforts can create and sustain positive changes in their leadership competencies, the people and multidisciplinary teams they lead, as well as impact the organization’s scorecard.

Leadership Development Training

We partner with senior leaders and team in developing strategies that meet your professional leadership development needs. A 360-Degree Leadership Assessment, Disc Assessment, and Needs Assessment provides valuable feedback to capture employee and organizational developmental focus areas. We review the metrics from these assessments to identify behavioral or competency gaps. Results guide our efforts in designing new external and internal training programs..

Leadership Development Training - XcelMil Executive Coaching

Executive Administration and Office Management

We provide best-in-class executive administration and office management support to improve daily business operations. A decision to direct hire or outsource an administrative assistant or office manager is significant because they are key ambassadors for your company. They interact with your executive leadership team, customers, vendors, prospective partners and handle confidential and sensitive company information. We believe they serve in positions of trust and for this reason we recruit and employ talented individuals with credibility and character.

Transcription Services

We offer simple and secure transcription services with rapid and reliable turnaround. Content managers, authors, consultants, government agencies, defense contractors, small business owners, non-profit organizations and many others rely on transcripts to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

To maintain superior and quality service, we employ and subcontract professionals. XcelMil, LLC provides dependable media transcription solutions, providing speech to text services for 30+years.